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Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science

The department strives to make learning visible, inspiring students to be creative, risk-taking thinkers, and makers. Our goal is to guide and inspire students to be both intentional and reflective with their artistic choices. We provide a space for students to share their thoughts about how art helps them understand and interpret the world.

Our Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science (VPA + CS) department has been a leader in curricular innovation and design. The department’s showcase is “Frosh Creation: Think, Make, Share,” which has been offered since the 2018-19 school year. In this class, the worlds of art, computational thinking, music, and computer science fuse together and provide students opportunities to develop their teaming and design thinking skills while incorporating key elements from each discipline.

In conjunction with our VPA colleagues at De La Salle, we are able to offer our students more than 20 different course options! These range from beginner to AP course work with classes that are sure to appeal to the artist that resides in each student. The department is committed to meet the needs and interests of our students and continually revises, revamps, and creates new courses.

One of the department’s biggest collaborations is the annual Winton Arts Festivala multi-day celebration of student work and performances. This takes place each spring on the campuses of both Carondelet and De La Salle. Be sure to watch for more information in the spring!

Carondelet offers visual and performing arts classes in:

  • VISUAL ARTS (Three-Dimensional Art, Two-Dimensional Art, & General)
  • MUSIC (Choir, Instrumental, & General)

Graduation Requirements: 15 Credits (in VPA)

9th Grade: Students will take Frosh Creation: Think, Make, Share.

10th Grade: Students are encouraged to take a year-long 10 credit course as part of the UC/CSU required course list. See course descriptions below for options.

11th & 12th Grade: Students may take 10 credit year-long offerings as well as 5 credit semester-long offerings. These may be used to fulfill graduation requirements as well as elective expectations for UC/CSU. See course descriptions below for options.

Carondelet offers computer science classes at entry and AP levels for elective credit.

VPA courses and pathways

View all Visual and Performing Arts courses, including AP and Honors level classes and electives. 


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