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Social Studies

Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

These are the 21st century skills that Carondelet students develop during their four years as students in the Social Studies Department. Three years ago our department embarked on a new curriculum approach that helps ready our students for both college and career.

The following programs have been enthusiastically adopted by our teachers:

  • Students engage their natural capacity for curiosity when they make real-world connections in the history classroom. We adopted the Big History curriculum last year for all our freshman classes to enable our students to make meaningful connections across broad historical time frames. Evidence-based reasoning and interdisciplinary thinking are promoted and developed throughout the school year. This year we are modifying our Big History curriculum to place more emphasis on modern time periods.

  • School-wide surveys and elevated student engagement indicated the success of the Freshman Big History program. Since the Big History curriculum develops academic skills that we want students to carry over to the higher grades, we are extending the Big History curriculum through the sophomore year. Our new required sophomore course, Big History: The Next Threshold, students will continue to deepen the skills of inquiry and writing, and will also develop their oral presentation skills throughout the year.

  • Due to student interest, we are now offering AP Macroeconomics during the spring semester to our senior students.

  • Throughout the four years at Carondelet, students will encounter project-based learning in the Social Studies Department. Students complete the Little Big History Project in their freshman year and participate in National History Day during their junior year. Both projects involve student-selected topics, intensive research, teamwork, and oral presentation of their research findings. It is our firm belief when students are fully engaged in the process of inquiry, learning becomes more meaningful and important skills are developed. In addition, we offer Model United Nations and Mock Trial as extracurricular activities.

Graduation Requirements: 35 Credits

  • 9th Grade: Big History (10 credits)
  • 10th Grade: Big History: The Next Threshold (5 credits)
  • 11th Grade: US History or AP US History (10 credits)
  • 12th Grade: Two 5 credit semester-long classes: Civics, Economics. Or one 10 credit year-long class: AP Government & Politics

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