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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions and who to contact.

Main Phone Number: 925.686.5353

…My student will be late/absent/or feels sick while at school. Contact Stephanie Gutierrez, Attendance Coordinator,, ext. 116

…My student needs to be at school early. The school opens at 7:00 AM

…I have questions about College Counseling and academic advising.

Students are assigned a College Counselor based on their last name.

A-C | Ellen Bull,, ext. 138

D-K | Allison Bly,, ext. 185

L-Q | Sarah Kadesh,, ext. 188

R-Z | Ginger Jessop,, ext. 182

…My student is struggling in a class.

Students should communicate directly with their teacher first. If the matter is not resolved, the parent/guardian may contact the teacher (via email is best, Faculty/Staff Directory). If the matter persists, contact the Department Chair for further support:

Math: Jordan Lewis, ext. 254

Science: Susan Domanico, Ph.D., ext. 301

Modern Languages: Nadine Amarelo, ext. 310

Social Studies: Miranda (Ripoli) Cozzone ’06, ext. 384

Kinesiology: Stephanie Cline, ext. 307

Visual & Performing Arts: Amy Way, ext. 334

English: Michael Schooler, ext. 326

Religious Studies: Kay Dinglasan, ext. 319

…My student would benefit from extra tutoring in a class.

All teachers have office hours. Check the Power Lab schedule on our Academic & Learning Support page for our office hours schedule. Also, contact our National Honor Society students by emailing

…My student has documented learning, academic, medical, psychological needs, and/or requires an extended leave.

Merrilee Silveira, Director of Academic & Learning Support,, ext. 312

…My student needs extra assistance.

PowerLab is a time and space for students to receive extra assistance from teachers, peer tutors, and case managers who are there every day for supportive conversations and work sessions. PowerLab takes place on Mondays through Thursdays from 2:45 - 3:45 PM, in the Innovation Center, 2nd floor.

Students can opt into PowerLab at any time. Students can also be referred to PowerLab by teachers or parents. If you are interested in referring your student to PowerLab, please have a conversation with your child regarding this opportunity first! We will then alert your student with an invitation by email. The form for referral can be found here.

…I want to compete on a sports team.

Piper Brewster, Director of Athletics,, ext. 168

Cat Arroyo, Assistant Athletics Director,, ext. 198

…I want to run for office, join a club, and/or start a club.

Maggie Lettire ’13, Director of Student Activities,, ext. 165

…I want to go on a retreat, participate in a mass, or go on a service trip.

Edie Payne, Director of Campus Ministry,, ext. 189

Rick Grand-Lejano, Campus Minister,, ext. 167

Vanessa Miranda, Campus Minister for Community Service & Social Advocacy,, ext. 141

…I am feeling blue because I have personal/familial stressors.

Any trusted adult, or the Personal Counselors

Stacie Besagno, Associate Director of Student Wellness,, ext. 158

Sarah Alpert ’92, Student Wellness Counselor,, ext. 156

Geneva Green, Assistant Wellness Counselor,, ext. 161

…My parents want to get involved with the Parent Association.

Kathleen Jarrett, President of the Carondelet Parent Association,

…I have a newsworthy story/update about a Carondelet student.

Jill Okimoto, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications,, ext. 190

…I have a newsworthy story/update about a Carondelet alumna, or I am a Carondelet alumna and I would like to get more involved.

Caroline Cabral ’15, Alumnae Engagement Manager,, ext. 201

…I have a friend who wants to apply to Carondelet High School.

Colleen Gill ’15, Director of Admissions,, ext. 195

…I get hungry at school.

The Garaventa Center has breakfast, lunch, and snacks available for purchase.

Candace Barnes, Epicurean Group Cafe Manager,, Cafe Website

…I would like to make a monetary or in-kind donation to Carondelet High School.


For personal assistance, contact Lynne Kenny ’86, Director of Carondelet Fund,, ext. 194

…I still have a question.

You can find additional information on our website,

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