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Kinesiology faculty are excited about the department’s recent curricular changes and additions. In collaboration with the Religious Studies department, the Kinesiology department designed a yearlong Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit course. The main goals of this course is to help students establish a sense of community, explore how spirituality fits into wellness and to teach skills that help our students know themselves, their ideals and values in order to lead a life of heart, faith, courage, and excellence.

Building on this foundational emphasis of wellness, the Kinesiology Department created Soph Wellness: Kinesthetic Practices. This is an activity-based course designed to introduce students to the latest research and trends in fitness, nutrition and wellness. From stress management and sleep to overall wellbeing, students explore personal health and individual behaviors. Units of study include the components of fitness, development of an exercise plan, posture screening, fueling the body for energy, stress management, self-defense, and CPR training. Utilizing an online fitness platform, students are taught the foundational techniques of strength training that will allow them to progress to more advanced levels. Our goal is that students will gain the confidence and skills necessary to maintain their health and fitness for life.

New on the Sports Medicine front is the addition of student-athletic trainers to Carondelet athletic events. Students enrolled in the Sports Medicine Internship program work directly with CHS certified athletic trainers to gain practical insight and knowledge of the sports medicine field in order to prepare them for potential future opportunities.

Graduation Requirements: 15 Credits

  • 9th Grade: Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit 
  • 10th Grade: Soph Wellness: Kinesthetic Practices 
  • 11th & 12th Grade: Choice of semester-long electives-see course descriptions below

***5 units of Kinesiology credit may be attained by participating for three seasons on a Carondelet interscholastic sports team. NOTE: Five credits can also be earned for participation in two full seasons of Dance or for three full seasons of Sideline Cheer or Competition Cheer. This can be applied once only (manager positions excluded). Please see Kinesiology Chair.

View all Kinesiology courses, including electives and partner classes with DLS. 


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