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2021-22 Uniform Update

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of the times, preparing our young women for the future, and keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our decision-making, we regularly review our student handbook policies, including the school uniform. As we entered this extraordinary 2020-21 school year, we loosened uniform restrictions in order to focus solely on the teaching and learning environment during the pandemic. Just as we expected, our community quickly adapted and we found that a more relaxed uniform code was welcomed by all. This data backed up our findings from our 2019-20 uniform review and solidified the fact that we need to make a change in regards to our school uniform program.

For the 2021-22 school year, we will return to our three standard uniform categories: Everyday Uniform, Casual/Friday Uniform, and Dress Uniform. Details are in the dropdown menu below. Students may purchase traditional uniform pieces from Mills Uniform Company, and are also welcome to purchase approved bottoms from a vendor of choice and tops from our online store.

Students are welcome to purchase and wear any Mills uniform pieces, including skirts, however appropriate skirt length, no shorter than mid-thigh, will be required at all times. Inappropriate skirt length has become increasingly problematic in recent years and our uniform skirts should not feed into body-shaming, sexist, and generally discriminatory behaviors. Appropriate skirt lengths can prevent this. Faculty and staff best serve our students by focusing on education and relationships, not policing skirt length. We expect our students to adapt to longer skirts, and to keep each other accountable with the help and support of our parent community. As mentioned we were encouraged by our community’s adaptation of our dress code during the pandemic and we hope to see the same with our skirt length requirements. If skirt length remains an issue throughout the 2021-22 school year, we will have no choice but to phase out the traditional uniform skirt options.

Looking ahead, we will be creating a dress code task force, made up of students and faculty members, to research and propose a reimagined dress code for the 2023-24 school year and beyond. If you have any questions about the current uniform policy or you are interested in being a part of our dress code task force, please connect with Caitlin Main ’05, Dean of Students.

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