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Our uniform guidelines ensure that all of our students feel comfortable, ready to learn, and united as a community. In addition, our professional dress code on campus prepares our students for professional careers later in life and honors our Catholic traditions.

Hybrid Learning

While in hybrid learning, students can follow Casual Uniform while on-campus. 

Uniform Policy

Our uniform guidelines ensure that all of our students feel comfortable, ready to learn, and united as a community. In addition, our uniform code helps to teach young people that in the larger arena of life, different types of dress are appropriate for different settings. Casual Uniform

Students who attend Carondelet are expected to adhere to the following uniform policies for the entire school day at Carondelet and De La Salle including exam days and field trips (unless students are otherwise instructed by a teacher). 

Casual Uniform

Can be worn while on-campus during hybrid learning. Worn on Fridays and other announced days

Top: In order to promote school unity and community, students are expected to wear a white or navy blue polo shirt, Carondelet sweatshirts, Carondelet club, sport or spirit t-shirts. Carondelet spirit wear can be purchased through the Online School Store

Bottom: Black, navy, or khaki pants, including blue jeans and athletic pants, capri-length or longer.

Shoes: All shoes must be closed toed and closed healed.

Students choosing not to wear the casual dress uniform must be in everyday uniform.

Uniform clothing may not be altered in any manner. No additional items of clothing may be added to the uniform.

Everyday Uniform

The Everyday Uniform is currently not required. However, the traditional Mills pieces below may be worn. More information regarding uniform requirements for the 2021-22 school year will be posted later this spring. 

Shirts: Polo shirts, white and navy blue.

Skirts: Plaid or gray pleated uniform skirt or navy blue A-line uniform skirt. Skirts should be worn mid-thigh or longer and should be buttoned and zipped and not rolled at the waist. Biker shorts, solid black full-length tights, or solid black leggings must be worn under the skirt at all times.

Pants: Khaki, black or navy pants, capri-length or longer. No rips or tears in any fashion. Pants may be purchased through any vendor and must be chino, twill, or denim material. Sweatpants and leggings are not permitted.

Outerwear: Carondelet branded outerwear, sold through Mills or the online school store. This includes Carondelet approved sports team wear and club/council sweatshirts. No other outerwear is permitted.

Sweater: Navy blue pullover sweater or sweater vest with the Carondelet logo.

Tights: Solid black full-length tights or solid black leggings may be worn with the regular uniform.

Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times on campus and at all school-related events. Low or high top sneakers, athletic shoes or flats may be worn. Shoes must always be flat and closed toed/heeled.

Dress Uniform

Worn on liturgy days and other announced days

Top: A white polo shirt and school sweater or school sweater vest.

Bottom: Skirt (worn with black solid tights or leggings) or uniform pants.

Shoes: Solid black shoes. Ballet flats, boots, and athletic shoes are all permitted.


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