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The retreat program is designed to offer our student community time for rest, reflection, and bonding with self, others, and God. The charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Carondelet High School mission is woven into the themes of each retreat.

Shalom Retreat 2020Shalom Retreat 2020

Kairos - Senior Retreat

Kairos is a three day, two night retreat for seniors. Kairos seeks to provide an opportunity for seniors to grow in their relationship with God, others, and themselves through personal reflection, prayer, student and adult talks, and the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist.


Shalom - Junior Retreat

Shalom is a two day, one night retreat for juniors. Shalom seeks to provide an opportunity for juniors to grow in their relationship with God, rest and rejuvenate, and experience wholeness and peace through personal reflection and connecting with others.

Corazon - Soph Retreat

Corazon is a one day retreat for sophomores. Corazon seeks to provide an opportunity for sophomores to explore the Carondelet mantra of “becoming all of which woman is capable,” and to reflect on what it means to be “women of heart.”

Alpha - Frosh Retreat

Alpha is an overnight retreat for the entire frosh class that seeks to welcome frosh students into the Carondelet Sisterhood and CSJ tradition. Students are introduced to the idea of becoming women of Heart, Faith, and Courage during their years at Carondelet, are given the opportunity to begin new friendships and develop a sense of community and belonging.


For more information about our retreats, contact Ms. Edie Payne in Campus Ministry.

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