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Service Opportunities

Looking to do community service? We’ve curated two lists of agencies who students frequently volunteer with Volunteer Service Opportunities and Healthcare Service Opportunities

Multiplying Good Students in Action

Multiplying Good SIA is a school club in which students can participate in service and service projects at school and in the community. The club’s focus is to help anyone we can reach out to—this can include advocacy work, fundraisers, service projects, etc. We also support other service-oriented clubs in the Carondelet community by participating in their events or helping host a service opportunity together. We are affiliated with Multiplying Good, a national organization that encourages service leadership among high school students. 

Cougar Service Project

Students or clubs interested in creating a service project are encouraged to complete a Cougar Service Project. The purpose of a Cougar Service Project is to “serve the dear neighbor without distinction” which means attending to the needs of the local community. Service projects must directly benefit a marginalized group and advocate for a specific justice issue.


For more information on Multiplying Good and the Cougar Service Project, contact Ms. Vanessa Miranda in Campus Ministry.

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