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Honor Societies

California Scholarship Federation

Members of the California Scholarship Federation from 2018-19. What is CSF?

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide organization that honors outstanding high school students for their academic excellence and service. CSF is recognized by colleges and universities throughout California. Seniors who have been members for at least four semesters between their sophomore and senior years (one required from senior year), qualify for Gold Sealbearer distinction. These seniors wear a gold tassel at graduation, receive a gold seal on their diploma, receive Sealbearer (Life) distinction on their final transcript and a CSF pin. Seniors who volunteer as a Power Tutor for at least five hours during each semester of membership will also qualify for Gold Sealbearer with Lifetime Service. These seniors will receive the gold cord in addition to the gold tassel to be worn at graduation. Seniors with six semesters of membership and service (beginning with their sophomore year) will receive the Highest Honor Certificate (100%).

CSF Eligibility

CSF eligibility for membership will be based on the previous semester grades. The application period will begin after the start of each semester and will continue for about two weeks.

The application process is rather simple as it consists of three lists that weigh academic required classes, academic electives, as well as other qualifying classes and activities (such as Concert Choir and Orchestra). Ten points must be earned (on each semester’s application by using no more than five classes) to be eligible; applicants are disqualified if they earn a D or F in any class that semester. Participation in school and community activities is encouraged, but is not required. Applications must be submitted by the designated deadline, retroactive membership is NOT allowed. Students must reapply for membership each semester.

CSF Meeting Time & Location

CSF meets monthly to discuss updates and volunteer or club opportunities. The CSF leadership team and the moderator meet for about two weeks throughout the semester to process the completed CSF applications and discuss and plan club activities.


National Honor Society

What is NHS?

Founded in 1921, the National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.

NHS Eligibility

Membership is not automatic. It is an honor and is recognition of outstanding leadership experience, service to others, good character, as well as academic achievement. NHS inductees are selected by a five-member committee taken from the Carondelet faculty. Once a student is inducted into NHS, she is a lifetime member as long as she lives by the standards set by the National Honor Society. Members are expected to attend regular meetings, and participate in service projects with their fellow NHS members.

During the month of March, the National Honor Society will invite sophomores through juniors who are interested in becoming members and who meet the requirements, to attend an orientation meeting and complete an application form indicating their wish to be considered for membership.

To be considered for membership, applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

1. A cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better, to be confirmed by the Registrar’s Office.
2. Leadership experience in school and community activities.
3. Service rendered to the school or community at large.
4. Participation in co-curricular activities.
5. Good character as judged by others.

Application forms will be available at the two orientation meetings to be announced in early March.

NHS Meeting Times & Location

National Honor Society meeting information is announced on Schoology.

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