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Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation

Young minds are inspired
like never before in our newest academic building.

Our newest academic building is a modern learning center designed to spark creativity, collaboration, and innovation for all Carondelet students and the East Bay community.

The center allows students to learn in collaborative and intrepid ways, giving them the skills to succeed in college and beyond. Carondelet launched its initiative to transform educational programming for young women with curriculum innovation and re-imagining utilization of space.

Eight modern design studios, comfortable lounges similar to those at a college campus, and a giant media wall for professional presentations.

A place to build partnerships between schools, universities, businesses, and organizations.

An evening speaker series, educator workshops, college fairs, summer camps, and more.

Qualified, mission-aligned organizations can rent part or all of the 18,000 sq. ft. center for special events such as camps, conferences, banquets, fundraisers, and private meetings.


Winton Arts Film Fest 23 winners proudly display their Oaky awards.
Lights, Camera, Film Fest!

Each year, film fans gather at Carondelet to celebrate the art of storytelling through the lens of filmmaking. Showcasing an impressive array of talent, creativity, and passion, the Winton Arts Film Fest gives aspiring student filmmakers an opportunity to shine, captivating audiences with their unique narratives and thought-provoking cinematography. This year’s festival was the best yet, so grab your popcorn, settle into your seat, and let’s go behind the scenes of this unique event.

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Mariella Cajina '24 and Ananda Jallepalli '26 put the final touches on their pitch presentation for the 2023 Teen Hackathon.
Hacking a Better Future

The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation is bustling with student activity. Keyboards are clacking, cardboard and paper are being cut, and sugar is free flowing from the bottomless candy bar in the Kitchen Café. Outside guests stop by to provide feedback and support throughout the day. And at the very end, the pitch presentations and final products truly make you feel like this group of students is going to change the world.

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