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Applications for the Class of ’27 close Friday, December 9!

Early College Credit

Current high school students can earn college credits and save future college tuition money for no cost beyond the textbook.

Students may enroll in online courses from the College of the Siskiyous that will fulfill general education requirements at UC and CSU schools with no cost beyond the textbooks.

Online Course Offerings - summer 2022

    • Anthropology 1010 CRN 5001
    • Economics 1010 CRN 5167
    • English 1001 CRN 5175
    • Health 1010 CRN 5056
    • Humanities 1001 CRN 5010
    • Kine 1011 CRN 5024
    • Psychology 1001 CRN 5096 & 5012 (5012 is a condensed class with a heavy workload)
    • Sociology 1001 CRN 5016


Review the courses offered as part of the ECC program this session. Meet with your counselor to plan your schedule, including taking the online courses.

Applications for enrollment can be found here.

Step 1

Go to College of the Siskiyous OpenCCCApply link to register online. You should receive a confirmation email with a student ID and MySiskiyou portal login. If you do not receive this email, please contact COS admission and records at or call 530- 938-5500. 

Note: If you have already registered for a Siskiyous class you do not have to complete this step. You will already be in the system so you can begin at Step 2.

Step 2

Request paper forms from Sonia Wilson. Much of the information asked for is the same as the online registration so completing these steps together will save time. Once the paper forms are completed send them to Mr. Cushing at the email address above. He will work with the COS registrar to complete the registration process.

Step 3

 Carondelet will create a Schoology group with information on how classes run, how to use Canvas, orientation screencasts, and textbook information. We will monitor student progress at various points in

Additional Benefits

  • Cost-savings on future college coursework
  • Guided transition to college-level work
  • College scheduling flexibility
  • Learning how to navigate an online environment
  • The opportunity to make the college application more “attractive”
  • Strengthening time management skills while learning in a flexible learning environment
  • Gaining college credit for the cost of a textbook

College Cost Savings

The average cost per unit for a California State University class is $191 per unit. For a typical 3-unit class in this Early College Credit program, that would be a savings of $573.

The average costs for a UC course are $502. For a typical 3-unit class in this Early College Credit program, that would be $1506.

Private university costs per unit vary, but a typical private college attended by a Carondelet student can range from $925 for Saint Mary’s to $1560 for Chapman, with some schools over $1800 per unit.

When these units transfer, the savings add up quickly.

More Than High School.

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