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Support & Wellness

The high school years are a time of unprecedented social and physical development for young women. At Carondelet, we are dedicated to the emotional, spiritual, and physical health of our girls. 

Working together to support our girls

In partnership with students, parents, and teachers, Carondelet’s student support services creates an educational environment committed to the intellectual, personal, and social development of each student.

A handwritten sign promoting self-care and positive attitudes hanging in a busy hallway. We seek to guide and empower students by connecting them with a broad network of support services provided by a dedicated educational team to include college counselors, personal counselors, an academic advisor, dean of students, and case managers. Our wellness counselors are equipped to help students navigate their personal and social concerns.


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Support Team

Merrilee Silveira
Director of Academic and Learning Support

Samantha Martinez
Case Manager

Darren McKay
Case Manager

Liz Paz-Rumore, J.D.
Director of College and Career

Stacie Besagno
Counselor & Wellness Coordinator

Sarah Alpert
Counselor & Wellness Coordinator

Elizabeth Chaponot, Ph.D.
VP for Academics and Ed Tech

Jennifer Reinwald
VP for Student Life

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