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Alumnae Stories

Every student who passes through Carondelet leaves an impression on our school. And when they leave Carondelet, they’re ready to leave their mark on the world. Here are some of the journeys our alumnae have taken.

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Heart of Healthcare

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. How one nurse found her calling in caring and advocating for those battling cancer and encourages everyone to be proactive about their health.

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2020 Cal Poly Winemaker of the Year

Lila Mague ’18

A summer lacrosse camp at Fresno State was the first time she heard about a major in Viticulture. She was drawn to the idea of blending science and creativity in a major that provides lots of opportunities in the wine industry. She is already making a name for herself! 

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Artist turned Entrepreneur at 21

MacKenzie ‘Mac’ Baker ’16

Artist turned entrepreneur, Mac is advancing the role of Women In Technology.  At 21, she co-founded her first company - Nomi, a software application for the restaurant industry.

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A Future Changemaker

Geline Mascardo ’18

My passions—numbers and innovation—both began at Carondelet. Currently, a Data Science major at UC Berkeley, those experiences truly shaped me into the student that I am and empowered me to pursue these fields as a career. 

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Ven a Ver Trip inspired a love of politics

In her junior year at Carondelet, a Ven a Ver trip to Washington, DC inspired her love of politics and her passion to helping our neighbors in need. Now a rising junior studying International Affairs, a spring internship at the Capitol allowed her to truly understand the legislative and voting processes.

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Emily Meyer ’15 - Young Alumna of the Year

The first-ever Young Alumnae of the Year is showing the world what it means to be a woman of heart, faith, and courage. “My time at Carondelet had a major impact on how I see the world, instilling in me values of open-mindedness and self-empowerment.”

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Chase Your Dreams

Danielle Manifold ’11

I’m a First Generation college student in my family. I didn’t think much about school until my mom encouraged me to pursue higher education at the end of my sophomore year at Carondelet. She told me that I could do anything that I wanted as a woman - that my future was my decision, an opportunity to establish a career, that I deserved a chance to sketch out my dreams and then chase them.

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Career inspiration from CHS teacher

Destinee Cordeiro ’09

Carondelet means so much to me and is still ever present in my life 12 years after graduating in 2009. I was inspired to go after a career in journalism by my favorite English teacher, Ms. Ditzel, who would always say that I wrote my assignments as if they would be in a magazine.

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