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Genetic Frontiers: Bridging Science and Support

An alumna’s journey from her teenage years to her current pursuit involves a deep-rooted passion for science ignited during her time at Carondelet. Now, she’s bridging science and support in her career. 

Gabrielle Write gives a guest lecture to Carondelet biology students.
Gabrielle Write gives a guest lecture to Carondelet biology students.

“It’s a really exciting time to be involved in genetics because there is so much that we’re right on the edge of,” said Gabrielle Write ’16 during a presentation to current Carondelet students. She and Jericka Yehuda ’17 are both Carondelet alumnae currently pursuing master’s degrees in genetic counseling from UCSF.

Gabrielle explained that while she wasn’t exactly sure about her career path post-Carondelet, she knew that she wanted to work in science having been inspired by some of the classes and coursework from her teenage years. “I ended up in neuroscience at UC Santa Cruz,” she said. “I was looking for a job in science so I worked in the Innovative Genomics Lab. It made me realize I was interested in genetics, but I also wanted to work with people.”

Now, she’s in the final months of her MA program and looking for work in prenatal screening: educating patients and families about genetics and testing, coordinating genetic tests for patients, and providing support and counseling.

“A lot of it can be happy news,” she said about her decision to work in the prenatal field of genetic counseling. “Half of the patients are coming in for standard screening. Some people are getting devastating news, but I want to be able to help work with them to get them what they need in the time that follows. Then, others are getting happier news or just following up on a standard screening and preparing for their world to change by welcoming a baby.”

Gabrielle explained that her time at Carondelet sparked a love of science among other things—for instance, taking AP Environmental influenced her to take up vegetarianism, which she still maintains nearly 10 years later. “I had close relationships with teachers and that taught me how to seek relationships and mentors. Having that helps me in knowing that I can lean on them and ask for support in my career.”


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