Carondelet empowers young women.

Our emphasis on academics and whole-person growth begins with dedicated faculty that knows each student and delivers personalized guidance from the beginning of freshman year through graduation and beyond.

Here every girl finds the empowering freedom to be herself, discover her life's passions, and pursue those passions with pride and focus.




Jean Hofmann
STEM Innovation Center

This 17,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility will maximize open space, flexibility and technologies to enhance collaboration and project-based learning for our students and faculty.




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"I loved seeing the interaction between the Melodores and our students. It was inspiring seeing them work in conjunction with each other and see the creative juices flowing. I couldn't stop smiling after hearing them perform their song after the break-out sessions," said Melissa Jose, Carondelet's Parent Association Board President and Vice President, Board of Directors for the Diablo Regional Arts Association (DRAA).

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Our new home field!

The Carondelet Athletics Complex is now open!