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Supporting Success

Here are some of the support programs that give our students every advantage to succeed—in the classroom, in the community, in college, and in life.

Beginning on the first day of school, Carondelet’s team of talented and caring educators support our young women through a holistic approach to each student’s educational journey.


  • Students work in small groups with student peer counselors and one adult. 
  • Advisory services include mindfulness and emotional support.
  • We provide life/school strategies to empower and equip students to succeed in school and life AND make a positive difference in the world.

College and Career Counseling

  • All students get a one-to-one relationship with a college counselor beginning freshman year.
  • Counselors meet with students and serve as advisors throughout high school to support development of student passions.
  • We offer guidance for the whole family to navigate the college application process and career planning process.
  • We provide parent education and multiple student bootcamps throughout the year.

Wellness and Emotional Support

  • Our professional Wellness Counselors lead programming for students around key emotional health topics including:
    - stress management and mindfulness
    - respect and behavior
    - social media use and responsibility
  • We offer opportunities for group discussions and peer support groups.
  • Our licensed counselors provide support for families connecting to outside resources when necessary.

Academic and Learning Support

  • We actively reach out to students and families to identify students at academic risk.
  • We offer personalized learning strategies and pathways developed to meet individual student needs.
  • We have in-house professional learning specialists.
  • Structures that include study skills support through peer counseling and PowerPack.

More Than High School.

Her School.

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