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An inclusive learning community

Carondelet (say cuh-RON-de-LET) is a Catholic school that is open and welcoming to all faiths and religious beliefs. Our values-based learning environment is different from independent and public schools because it provides our students with a deeper opportunity to know themselves and discover their purpose.

We provide a college-preparatory education designed to prepare students not just for success in college and beyond, but for a lifelong journey of personal growth and altruism.

Opportunities to grow

There’s something for everyone at Carondelet. We offer a wide range of opportunities to hone skills, develop passions, and just have fun! From the arts to competitive sports, volunteerism to spiritual life, leadership positions to being part of a team—each student is nurtured within an environment that values diversity and the contributions of all.

A community of purpose

We are a proud, supportive sisterhood. We motivate each of our students to aim higher, take on new challenges, and feel part of something greater than herself. At the center of this sisterhood is our Catholic tradition born from the heart, faith, and courage of the Sisters of St. Joseph. This sisterhood has created an inclusive environment that embraces all students, welcomes diversity, and values social justice, empathy, service to our dear neighbor, and gratitude.

More Than High School.

Her School.

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