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Jennifer Silijestrom ’97: Navigating the Horizons of Healthcare

How one alumna’s journey from Carondelet to health care was influenced by her time and mentors from high school. 

Jennifer Silijestrom '97
Jennifer Silijestrom ’97

Jennifer Silijestrom ’97 didn’t know what she wanted to do after she graduated from Carondelet. She was on her way to UC Davis and was attracted to science, but it wasn’t until her last quarter at UC Davis when she started to figure it out. “I went to nursing school with so many people who were starting second careers,” said Jen. “It’s ok not to know what you want to do when you leave high school, and it’s ok to change your mind later too!”

While she might not have known as a high school senior what career would call to her, looking back, Jen explained that Carondelet and the mentors she had throughout her four years were truly influential in the values she has and in forming her personal mission. “Sister Dorothy helped instill finding a way to do service for others somewhere in your daily life. Working in healthcare allows me to do this every,” Jen Said. “Working with my patients, volunteering in the community—these are all things I am able to use my skills and education to do to help others.”

She loves how broad healthcare is. Jen explained how there are so many opportunities for people to use their skills and gifts. “You can teach, do research, work with people of all ages… there’s something for everyone!”


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