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A trip to Australia helped me find my career

Catherine Kozel ’15 is making an impact in a traditionally male-dominated industry: Supply Chain & Logistics.
Catherine Kozel '15
Catherine Kozel ’15

Catherine Kozel ’15

After graduating from Carondelet, I attended TCU. There were ten or so other Carondelet students that moved there too so it was comforting to know people immediately.

Carondelet prepared me well to manage my time and to organize school work to avoid that initial “drowning” feeling in college.

I lived and worked in Sydney, Australia for three months after my junior year, which is where I found my love for logistics and supply chain. I purposefully chose an industry where I saw a lack of women so I could make an impact and create some lasting change.

Carondelet showed me how spectacular it can be when women work together, which spurred me to be that female presence in a male dominated industry.

I’m working at a logistics company based in Dallas, TX as a traveling manager. During this crazy time, my team and I are helping keep the country going by getting truck drivers on the road to deliver essential goods.

Although I am on the road, I still consistently stay in touch with a few friends from high school. They are always my “go-to’s” when I need advice, a laugh, or just someone to vent too. With this virus forcing all of us to shut down, those people in my life are more important than ever. 

Right now I’d say it’s important to remember that it’s okay not to feel alright. We may all feel nervous for the future, but this is the critical time to keep checking in with each other. Stay in touch with friends to stave off the boredom, but also to make sure that your friends and family are okay mentally and physically.

It’s vital that we see the positive too. Mr. Rogers’ mother told him to “always look for the helpers” in times of despair and we should too. Not only to look out for each other, but so we can see the goodness in humanity and feel inspired.


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