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Empowering Futures in Genetic Counseling

Driven by both personal and academic interests, Jericka (Jones) Yahuda ’17 is poised to graduate with a master’s degree in genetic counseling from UCSF. Focused on cancer patients and research, she sees her role as not just providing answers, but empowering individuals to navigate their health journeys.

Jericka returned to Carondelet to give a guest lecture about her work with genetics to the biology class. 
Jericka returned to Carondelet to give a guest lecture about her work with genetics to the biology class. 

“I knew really early on I wanted to to do something in genetic counseling both because it’s such a fascinating field and the ways that genetic testing has helped my own family understand health,” explained Jericka Yehuda ’17 during the Q&A portion of her presentation to the Carondelet science class.

Now on the precipice of her master’s degree from UCSF and set to not only take the licensing test in February but also gear up for a cross-country move to Louisiana, Jericka is looking forward to starting her career in genetic counseling with a focus on cancer patients and research. “I enjoy the cancer clinic because there’s action behind the results,” she explained. “There are preventative actions to recommend, and while it’s difficult to have that conversation, I can provide answers and explanations as to why it’s happening and resources to help live a life and plan their family.”

She knew she was interested in this field as early as 15 years old while taking science classes at Carondelet, but she doesn’t know if she would have found this innovative and niche field had she not attended her alma mater. “I was in my bio class and Mrs. Silveira was my teacher. She told us about different careers that I could do in science,” Jericka reflected. “My mom was going through health issues and as we started unlocking that history, I was advocating for these hard questions, and I want to be the provider to help open that door and help people live their healthiest lives.”

Presenting to students is part of her program, and she was thrilled to come back to teach students about her path through this career and see the school. “I think Carondelet taught me how to be part of something greater,” she said. “There’s a sense of belonging and community that holds true in this career.”

Following her time at Carondelet, she attended UC Merced before starting her MA which she’ll complete this spring. “Genetics is such an expanding field we learn more every day. It’s amazing to contribute to research and learn more as it grows,” she said.


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