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Academic & Learning Support

Carondelet High School maintains that students, parents, and teachers collaborate in providing a quality education to all students at Carondelet. We believe in the dignity of the individual, the value of diversity, and are committed to giving each student the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a caring environment.

Academic Probation Check-In during online learning

Complete this Academic Probation Check-In form in place of the mandatory Power Pack check-ins required as a part of academic probation. Response is due by 4P M each day that it is assigned. Attendance check-in will be taken with your response. 


Carondelet recognizes that students with diagnosed needs may be in need of additional support to have equitable and reasonable opportunity for success.

The Academic Support Program is open to all students who may need extra support, (as deemed necessary by the Director of Academic and Learning Support and by Carondelet’s Case Managers) and to students who have documented disabilities. The Case Managers oversee the program which provides students with alternative methods of accessing the curriculum, along with designing and implementing the Educational Accommodations Plan for students with documented learning differences, medical or psychological diagnoses.

Carondelet Academic Support Policy

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