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Parent Volunteers

All parents who serve as volunteers with access to students are required to comply with the Diocesan Requirements listed below. Please drop off all materials to the Main Office, email them to or mail them with Attn: Volunteer Coordinator.

While you are volunteering at Carondelet, you are responsible for your own safety. Workers compensation benefits are not provided to volunteers.

CERVIS - Volunteer Opportunities

Before Volunteering

Parent/Guardian Driver and Volunteer Clearance

1. Read and follow all requirements below
2. Once completed, you may sign up for volunteer positions

All parents who serve as volunteers with access to students are required to comply with the following Diocesan Requirements. Please email them to

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Carondelet High School. We appreciate your assistance and hope you will find your role satisfying. The following items are required in order to volunteer

1. LiveScan Fingerprints

All adults who work with and volunteer at the school must complete fingerprint scanning. The Safe Environment Program requires that any volunteer having contact with Carondelet students have a fingerprint clearance – this serves as a protection for both you and students. Carondelet uses LiveScan.

Fill out the LiveScan request and take it to a location that offers LiveScan services. The location nearest to campus is The Postal Annex at Oak Grove and Treat. You will be responsible for the cost of the fingerprinting. Clearance will be submitted electronically to Carondelet.

If you have already completed fingerprinting through the Oakland Diocese, you still must complete this step for Carondelet.

2. TB Risk Assessment or Test

The California Health and Safety Code (§121545) requires all school volunteers to be examined and found free of communicable tuberculosis once every 4 years. Carondelet is required to keep an up-to-date certificate on file for each volunteer.

Please have the Adult Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire certified by your healthcare provider or provide us with a copy of a current negative TB test. TB test results are good for four years from the test date.

3. Mandatory Training

Volunteers are required to take an online child abuse awareness training course, “Protecting God’s Children” in compliance with the Safe Environment Program at the Diocese of Oakland. If you have taken this training within the last three years, you can use that certificate for volunteering at Carondelet. If not, you can access the online training:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “First-Time Registrant”
  3. Click “Begin the registration process”
  4. Select “Oakland Diocese”

Once you have created a user ID you will be asked to select a school or parish. Please select “Carondelet High School” from the dropdown menu. When asked to the session you wish to attend, scroll down and select “Protecting God’s Children for Adults online training session.” You can self-register and take the training, which lasts about 90 minutes.

Keep a digital or printed version of the certification of completion to send to the Volunteer Coordinator.

4. License and Insurance

All adults driving students on behalf of Carondelet must submit a copy of their valid Driver’s License and Automobile Insurance Declaration page showing a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage. Valid until insurance or drivers license expires. These copies will need to be resubmitted upon expiration.

Submit these two documents in this online form.

Thank you for your assistance in providing this information to volunteer at Carondelet High School.

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