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Attendance is taken while in distance or hybrid learning. If a student will miss class, a parent must notify the Attendance Officer, Ms. Malisa Meemari, as soon as possible. 


To excuse an absence, notify the Attendance Officer as soon as possible by:

• email at (interim) (preferred)
• or, call the Attendance line 925.686.5353 x359


We ask that families communicate quickly and clearly with our Attendance Officer, TBA and Dean of Students, Caitlin Main, about your daughter’s health. While in distance learning, we will use the same attendance codes that were implemented last spring, and students are expected to be actively participating in all their required classes, whether online or in-person. In most cases, the attendance policy in our Student Handbook (PDF) applies.


Attendance Codes

Attendance codes have been input into PowerSchool to account for both distance and hybrid learning. Please remember that consistent online attendance and completion of daily assignments is vital for academic success. To start the year, we will be using the following codes for distance learning:



Online present and participating

Student is online and actively participating in the synchronous class session and completes all of the daily assignments on time. The is the online code for “present”.

Inconsistent attendance and participation

Student did not participate in the entire synchronous class session and/or did not turn in daily assignments on time. This is another online code for “present” however, multiple OIAP classes may result in a meeting with the assigned teacher(s) and/or the Dean of Students.

Not present/inactive

Student was absent from the synchronous class session and did not submit any assignments. This is the online code for “absent”. Two or more ONPI classes per week may result in a meeting with the Dean of Students and/or the Educational Support Team.


“Other” is used primarily on Wednesday Flex Days. This attendance code indicates that a student did not fill out their Flex Day Planning Guide prior to the deadline: Tuesday at 4 PM. Being marked “OTH” on a Wednesday Flex Day does not factor into a student’s cumulative attendance, however a pattern of being marked “OTH” may result in a meeting with the Attendance Officer and/or Dean of Students.

An automated email message is sent daily to parents/guardians of students who are marked “ONPI” in one or more classes. If you have a question or concern about your daughter’s attendance, please contact our Attendance Officer.

Public Safety Power Shutoff

If you are experiencing technology issues due to a power outage, please reach out to your teachers and contact the Attendance Officer by email (preferred) or by calling 925.686.5353 x359 when you are safely able to do so.

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