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Each member of faculty and staff is dedicated to supporting our students and their families. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

All faculty and staff welcome the start of the 2021-22 school year. All faculty and staff welcome the start of the 2021-22 school year.

Main Phone: 925.686.5353

All names link to profile pages.

NameTitleDepartmentPhone extensionContact
Donna AkridgeMain Office Administrative Assistantx100Email
Katie AlmonteData Analystx318Email
Sarah Alpert ’92Student Wellness Counselorx156Email
Nadine AmareloModern Language Department Chair, FacultyModern Languagex310Email
Sara AndersonFacultyMathematicsEmail
Cat ArroyoAssistant Athletics Director, Water Polo Coachx198Email
Nigel BarbozaFacultyMathematicsEmail
Dani BernatStrength and Conditioning CoachKinesiologyx157Email
Robert BertorelloFacilities Supervisorx174Email
Stacie BesagnoDirector of Student Wellnessx158Email
Allison BlyCollege & Career Counselorx185Email
Jeff BowmanFacilitiesEmail
Matt BrechtFacultySocial StudiesEmail
Piper Brewster, new Director of Athletics, stands on the field at the Carondelet Athletics Complex. Piper BrewsterDirector of Athleticsx168Email
Molly BurnsFacultyEnglishx343Email
Alexis BustamanteAssistant Dean of Studentsx330Email
Caroline Cabral ’15Marketing & Communications Coordinatorx201Email
Leila CampbellFacultyEnglishx327Email
Sandra CárdenasFacultyModern Languagex304Email
Jasmine CastilloFacultyReligious Studiesx340Email
Adam ChaffeyFaculty & Campus MinisterReligious Studiesx303Email
Elizabeth Chaponot, Ph.D.Vice Principal of Academics and Ed Techx191Email
Kerry ChermelFacultyModern Languagex364Email
Tom ClarkFacultySciencex370Email
Stephanie ClineKinesiology Department Chair, FacultyKinesiologyx307Email
Tayler CostaFacultyEnglishx314Email
Miranda (Ripoli) Cozzone ’06Department ChairSocial Studiesx384Email
Robert CrydermanFacilities SupervisorEmail
Kevin CushingPrincipalx117Email
Kate (Steiner) Cutright ’93FacultyEnglishx341Email
Ashley (Chavez) Czyz ’08FacultyKinesiologyx323Email
Tony De La TorreFacultySciencex331Email
Kay DinglasanFacultyReligious Studiesx319Email
Mary Beth (Kulawiec) Dittrich ’79FacultyMathematicsx369Email
Susan Domanico, Ph.D.Faculty, Science Department ChairSciencex301Email
Annette (Richardson) Eros ’85PresidentEmail
Joan FernandoFacultySocial Studiesx365Email
Noah GalabowChief Financial Officerx163Email
Colleen Gill ’15Assistant Director of Enrollmentx195Email
Jimmy GogaDirector of I.T. Operationsx109Email
Rick Grand-LejanoCampus Ministerx167Email
Nikki Griffith ‘13FacultyReligious Studiesx321Email
Brad GuslaniFacultyMathematicsx322Email
Stephanie GutierrezAttendance Officerx116Email
Lea (DeBernardi) Harrington ’90Development Specialistx193Email
Katherine Hutches, Ph.D.FacultySciencex255Email
Sarah KadeshCollege & Career Counselorx188Email
Kyle KatsumisAudio Video Specialistx253Email
Lynne (Sabbagha) Kenny ’86Director of Carondelet Fundx194Email
Andrew KjeraFacultyVisual & Performing Arts and Computer Sciencex378Email
Michelle Koski ’98LibrarianVisual & Performing Arts and Computer Sciencex186Email
Marissa LaflerFacultyVisual & Performing Arts and Computer ScienceEmail
Jenny LambertFacultyEnglishEmail
Samantha LawsonFacultyMathematicsx328Email
Kristin LeeteFacultyModern Languagex379Email
Maggie Lettire ’13Director of Student Activitiesx165Email
Kristina Levesque ’06FacultyMathematicsx311Email
Jordan LewisDept. ChairMathematicsx254Email
James LinmanFacilitiesEmail
Caitlin (Lawson) Main ’05Dean of Studentsx329Email
Ashley ManginiFacultyScienceEmail
Samantha MartinezCase Manager and Ed. Support Specialistx335Email
Lacy MatthewsFacultyReligious StudiesEmail
Darren McKayCase Manager and Ed. Support Specialistx184Email
Terri MeehanAssistant to the Presidentx152Email
Phil MillerFaculty, AP Lead AdministratorSocial StudiesEmail
Martina Miller-FowleyFacultyReligious Studiesx317Email
Vanessa MirandaCampus Minister for Community Service & Social Advocacyx141Email
Jessica (Smith) Mix ’99Director of Enrollmentx367Email
Jill OkimotoDirector of Strategic Marketing and Communicationsx190Email
Janine (Toomey) Orr ’89FacultyScienceEmail
Nicole PadiaFacultySciencex337Email
Kristy Parsons-McClainFacultyModern Languagex325Email
Edie PayneDirector of Campus MinistryEmail
Liz Paz-RumoreDirector of College and Careerx138Email
Nichole PeraCollege & Career Counselorx182Email
Kimber PowersDirector of Community Relationsx381Email
Angie RedondoCustodian
Jennifer ReinwaldVice Principal of Student LifeEmail
Amanda Restani ’15FacultySciencex306Email
Angela RicciMain Office Administrative Assistantxx100Email
Audrey RichardsonSpecial Events Coordinatorx332Email
Faith RipoliMath Proctor/Library Assistantx324Email
Siobhan RoddyDept. ChairReligious Studiesx320Email
Jessica RollinsAthletic TrainerKinesiologyx177Email
Ryan RossIT Help Desk SupportEmail
Michelle San MiguelCollege & Career Assistantx376Email
Michael SchoolerDept. ChairEnglishEmail
Lesley (Burke) Schooler ’96Dean of FacultyEmail
Merrilee Silveira ’88Director of Academic & Learning Supportx312Email
Adriana Smith ’14FacultyEnglishx308Email
Stephanie SproulControllerx164Email
Summer StainoExecutive Director of Developmentx160Email
Daria SurFacultyVisual & Performing Arts and Computer ScienceEmail
Jeff SuttonFacultyEnglishEmail
Karina ThorFacultyModern LanguageEmail
Gaeby Todesco ’07FacultySocial StudiesEmail
La’Ena TorrenceDirector of Human Resourcesx130Email
Chris Walsh sits in the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation at the Grand Opening on November 14, 2019. Chris WalshDirector, Jean Hofmann Center for Innovationx181Email
Mitch WardFacultySocial Studiesx345Email
Amy WayDepartment Chair, FacultyVisual & Performing Arts and Computer ScienceEmail
Sonia WilsonAdministrative Assistantx120Email
Elizabeth WooFacultyEnglishx349Email

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