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Faith Ripoli

Faculty Visual & Performing Arts

My life’s aspiration is to embody the essence of a perpetual art student, always immersed in learning and creating. I strive to instill this ethos in my students, emphasizing the significance of nurturing creative environments.

Having been raised by a Carondelet Cougar, alongside numerous alumnae in my family, the sisterhood has always been a part of my life. After receiving a BA in Fashion Journalism, as well as work in media production, I was able to join the Visual Performing Arts Department to share my appreciation and love for artistic exploration.

Through courses such as Frosh Creation: Think, Make, Share, as well as Photo and Film, and Graphic Publications, my goal is to foster an obsession with the creative process within my students. Encouraging them to immerse themselves wholeheartedly in their creative ideas.

Beyond school, I’m a fervent consumer, indulging in various realms such as food, literature, cinema, social media, and more.

Academic Department

Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science


BA, Fashion Journalism - Academy of Art University of San Francisco

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Courses I Teach:

  • Frosh Creation: Think, Make, Share
  • Photo & Film
  • Graphic Publications

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