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Kyle Katsumis

Audio Video Specialist

Kyle began his career right here in the Bay Area. Kyle has worked in various audio-video productions from live production high school sports to talk shows and live events. Kyle joined our team last year during the pandemic as we were in a hybrid teaching environment. He has a passion for audio-video from trouble-shooting to working on live productions.

Outside of Carondelet, Kyle enjoys going to Giants games, binging Netflix with his Fiance, and running with his dog.


BA, Communication Design with an option in Media Arts - California Statue University, Chico

I Can Help With:

  • Assist with on campus school events
  • Assist with in-classroom AV technology
  • Support for basic troubleshooting with Audio-Video technology throughout campus

Courses I Teach:

Helped with the ASB Media Team for “The Early, Early Show”

More Than High School.

Her School.

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