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Advanced Dance

This course is designed to challenge the experienced dance student. Emphasis is placed on improving technique through execution of advanced extensions, turns and jumps, including, but not limited to needles, fouettés, turns à la seconde, raked extensions, scissor jetés, straddle jetés, axles, and illusions. Development of stylized movement is a prominent aspect of this class. A comprehensive warm-up, a series of across the floor exercises and a variety of dance combinations are taught throughout the semester, focusing on the genres of jazz, lyrical, and contemporary/modern. Students will have the opportunity to explore the art of choreography and will be required to participate in public performance(s). Emphasis is placed on public performance. Students enrolled in spring semester are required to participate in the Winton Arts Dance Showcase.

Note: Carondelet dance pant, leotard, and appropriate dance shoes are required.


  • Kinesiology


UC & CSU Approved “F”


5 (may be applied as VPA or elective credit)




10th, 11th, & 12th grades


Audition or written approval of instructor

More Than High School.

Her School.

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