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Internships & Leadership Experiences

Our internship programs let Carondelet students get important real world experience, with placements at some of the Bay Area’s most innovative and interesting companies and organizations.

Carondelet seeks to inform students about transformative and meaningful experiences that instill lifelong habits of learning, leadership, and service, shaped by passionate educators or mentors. Internships and other enrichment opportunities provide our students an additional avenue to develop collaboration skills and further intellectual, social, emotional, and character development. Each of our students has the potential for growth and we encourage students to explore their personal interests.

During the January and February Course Advisement process, College Counselors meet one on one with students to get to know them better, to schedule courses for next year, and to provide summer enrichment recommendations. Parents and students receive an email with these recommendations.

Alumnae Network Internship Program

We are pleased to announce that Carondelet is piloting a new Internship Program. The goal of the program is for our students to connect and interact with a community of leaders in our Carondelet Alumnae Network. This will be open to rising sophomores and above and will provide our students opportunities to work with our alumnae as mentors and gain exposure to a professional work experience. Our Director of Alumnae Engagement, Ann Schiffenhaus is presently working with all alums to create a list of internship opportunities for our students. We are very excited for this pilot program and to see it expand exponentially over time.

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