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Online Learning continues until Spring Break

Updated Monday, 6:30 PM: Online Learning will continue through April 3. Spring Break will now begin on Saturday, April 4. Info and Updates

History of the Sixties

This course is designed to delve deeper into the turbulent history of the 1960s by focusing on the political, social, and cultural changes that took place during this pivotal decade in American history. A thematic approach will be used in this course to address such issues as the Civil Rights movement, student and minority activism, the Vietnam War, popular culture, significant Supreme Court cases, popular politics, and the counterculture. Primary sources will provide a basis for class discussion and an emphasis will be made on critical and analytical thinking. Students will be expected to write several smaller personal response papers and one research paper.


  • Social Studies


UC & CSU Approved




De La Salle


12th grade



More Than High School.

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