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AP 2-D Art and Design

In AP Art and Design, students will deepen the skills that artists and designers use to create a portfolio which will be scored by the College Board. Students will select one of the three disciplines to focus their portfolio work: 2D Art, 3D Art, or Drawing.

In this course, students will explore visual literacy frameworks, practice design thinking, and create an inquiry-based portfolio of 15 artworks in accordance with the College Board criterion for success. Students may also choose to use this portfolio for college applications.

Specific areas of study include:

  • Ideation through investigation of different environmental aspects such as pop culture, current events, films, contemporary artist research, etc.
  • Observational drawing, printmaking, basics of web design, motion graphics, animation, and painting.
  • Documentation and organization of artwork including both finished work and work in progress.
  • Journaling and reflective writing sessions students. These will result in artistic statements that reflect inquiry outcomes such as aesthetic sense, personal artistic voice, and creative confidence.

Note: students are required to start their portfolio by completing three projects over the summer. See the AP instructor for the assignments.


  • Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science


UC & CSU Approved “F”






10th, 11th, & 12th grades


Carondelet students should have TMS, DLS should have Fundamentals, and then all should have one year of a visual arts class before seeking instructor approval to take this course. Students with experience outside of Carondelet can meet with AP Instructor to determine eligibility.

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