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Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a blended course that is scheduled for period 7. A detailed calendar is posted on Schoology that outlines the days for which students need to physically report to this class during period 7. Chorale is a performance-based class that provides students with opportunities to further advance their vocal and musical skill, knowledge, and expression through the study of choral literature. Students commit themselves to a rigorous performance schedule that includes a Christmas Concert, Visions of Christmas performances, Spring Concert, Liturgy performances, and the opportunity to travel and compete at the national level (trip cost varies; approximate cost is $500-$1,000). Note: if seeking instructor approval, an individual audition with the choral director must be arranged before enrolling in this course.

Note: students will need to purchase choral attire (TBD) and a choral folder for participation in this class.


  • Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science


UC & CSU Approved “F”






9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grades


Chorus class or instructor approval

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