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Online Learning Resources for Educators

Moving to online and blended instruction has its challenges, but every day we’re learning new ways to organize our classes, engage our students, and cultivate a positive school culture. We’re excited to share what’s working at Carondelet to help other school communities learn alongside us. 

Carondelet Online Learning Plan

Our Online Instructional Plan

Before moving to 100% remote instruction, our faculty and staff created a detailed plan with clear expectations for students and teachers. It incorporates many of the processes, tools, and methods we’ve been using over the last four years.

Plan for Instructional Continuity

Student Guidelines for Instructional Continuity

Expectations for Teachers

Daily Schedule

Math tutorial on YouTube


Since campus has been closed, we’ve had minimal “down time.” All instruction has been moved online, with students making normal course progress and completing graded assignments.  Here’s how it works:

  • The school maintains a structured, consistent Daily Schedule—including taking attendance for each class
  • Curriculum for *every* class is posted to our learning management system, including assignments and tests
  • Teachers post custom instructional videos to guide students; math and other classes use flipped classroom videos already in place
  • Most classes hold video conferences at least once per week
  • Teachers hold “office hours” each afternoon for students who need extra academic support

Student-leaders meet using Zoom to plan activities for clubs and classes.

Student Life

We’re working hard to help our students stay connected to each other and our mission. Here are some activities we’ve successfully moved online:

  • Daily announcement videos are posted to our learning management system and YouTube
  • Morning Prayer videos are posted to YouTube
  • Video conferences for student groups/clubs
  • Online competitions/games for students
  • Phone and video calls for students who need emotional support
  • We also actively maintain our Coronavirus Updates page with the latest school news and wellness resources

Online Tools

These are some of the core online platforms we use to support remote learning and build community.

  • Schoology: Our learning management system where all class resources and assignments are posted, class discussions are held, and students turn-in their work. We post school-wide announcements here and every student club/program has their own group to share and communicate.
  • G-Suite: Students, faculty, and staff create most of their content using Google Apps (docs, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, etc.) and share everything in Google Drive folders. We couldn’t live without it.
  • Powerschool SIS: Attendance and grades are still managed in our student information system.
  • Zoom: Our school has embraced Zoom as our primary video conferencing platform. Every faculty & staff member has their own account. We use Zoom daily for class instruction, club/group meetings, faculty/staff meetings, professional development, and more.
  • Online Library: Many of our classes use eBooks and other digital resources that students access on their iPads.
  • YouTube: Teachers, admins, and student leaders post daily videos to our YouTube channel to help maintain a sense of community and highlight student stories. Our main school channel is CarondeletHighSchool.
  • FlipGrid: Teachers ask students to record and post short video responses to questions which students can then view in a private online space.
  • Instagram: Students and staff share images and stories from daily life to celebrate each other and stay connected. The main school account to follow is: @Carondelet_HS
  • Facebook: We post school updates, our weekly newsletter, and student life stories to our Facebook page for parents. Visit our school FB Page: @CarondeletHighSchool
  • Constant Contact: Weekly email newsletters go out every Sunday to keep parents informed on the latest school news and events. See full archives of our newsletters..

Devices & Network

We are very fortunate that our students, faculty, and staff have access to a wide range of tech tools. Here are some of the critical building blocks we leverage to make this all work.

  • iPads: All students are required to purchase a 10” iPad that the school configures, manages, and supports. Many faculty members also have an iPad to help design and deliver instructional activities. Learn more about Carondelet’s iPad program.
  • Laptops: Most faculty and staff have a Windows or a Mac laptop (they get to choose). During the campus closure, staff members who normally use a desktop computer were provided a laptop to use while working off campus.
  • Smartphones: Almost every student has their own personal smartphone (mostly iPhones) which they leverage for communication with their friends and clubs. Most of our online platforms are also mobile friendly, enabling students to use cellular networks to access school work and communications.
  • High Speed Internet at Home: Most of our students have high speed internet access at home. Students without home internet were quickly identified and the school helped them get temporary access.
  • Remote Support: Being responsive to student’s tech needs is super important to us. Students submit their issues using a Google Form, and our tech team quickly responds to keep them on track.

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