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Tuition & Aid

We want every family to have the opportunity to afford Carondelet. 

In this spirit, we provide multiple ways to offset the cost of tuition through school-provided and partner-sponsored aid and scholarship for a total of:

  • $1.3M in need-based awards
  • $350,000 in merit-based scholarships
  • 25% of families receive need-based aid each school year.

Tuition Assistance

Traditional assistance applications for the 2021-22 school year will open on December 2. Families must reapply each year aid is needed. Please see Tuition Assistance page for all information, due dates, and required documentation.

Contact Terri Meehan or 925.686.5353 x152 with any questions you may have about Tuition Assistance.

Scholarships and Awards

Applications for the incoming class of 2025 will open on December 2. Please see Scholarships and Awards for full details and applications.

Contact Jessica Mix or 925.686-5353 x367 with any questions you may have about Scholarships and Awards


Tuition and Registration

2020-21: $20,395 (includes $400 nonrefundable deposit)

Families can select from a 1 payment, 2 payment (June and December), 10-month payment, or 11-month payment plan.

Additional Out-of-Pocket Expenses:

$350 Textbook fee

$350 one-time-only fee, paid as a freshman
More information about Carondelet’s iPad program

Kinesiology Uniform:
$34-44 for Kinesiology activity classes
$40 for dance, including leotard and shoes

School Uniform:
$500 approximately (for a new student)
We have a uniform exchange program to help offset this cost.

Athletics Uniform Fee (if applicable):
$60 - $150
Parents will be responsible for the cost of any uniform or swimsuit that is kept by the athlete after the season.

Dance/Cheer Fee (if applicable):
$1,800 - $2,500 depending on team
Includes uniforms, participation fees, camp, camp clothing, and competitions

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