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Tuition and Aid FAQs

You’ve got questions. Maybe a lot of them.
Here are some helpful answers to the questions we hear most frequently. 

How is tuition assistance determined?
Carondelet High School’s Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the FACTS recommendation. Based on the information provided, the Committee determines the amount of aid to be provided each family based on the amount of tuition assistance money available, the number of families who apply, and each family’s need. Each award is determined on a case-by-case basis. Applicants with the same income level may have different factors that drive the amount of need; number of students enrolled in catholic school, personal circumstances, etc.

What if my tax returns aren’t completed before the application deadline?
Most families do not have their taxes completed by the due date. You can still apply for aid. Refer to the FACTS website for the documentation required should your return not be filed by the application deadline. You must submit your most recently filed federal tax return.

If we already have a student attending CHS, are we limited in the amount of assistance we receive? Is a tuition discount available?
The amount of tuition assistance provided is based on each family’s financial need. We do not offer a multiple-student tuition discount.

We have a student attending De La Salle as well, do we need to complete two separate FACTS Student Aid Forms?
Carondelet & De La Salle have a joint FACTS Student Aid Form. Only one form is needed per family.

My family is not Catholic. Do we still qualify for tuition assistance?
Yes. Tuition assistance is available to all who qualify.

If parents are separated/divorced and filing separately, will both incomes be counted?
Should both parents assume or have financial responsibility for the student’s education, the income of both parents is considered. If separated or divorced, each financially responsible parent, step-parent or guardian must complete a separate tuition assistance packet.

When should I submit the FACTS Student Aid Form & supporting documentation?
Please refer to the Tuition Assistance Timeline & Checklist. All deadlines are critical and must be met in order to be considered for tuition assistance. Incomplete applications are reviewed at a later date. FACTS will contact you with any needed documentation to complete your application.

What is a scholarship? Who is eligible for a financial scholarship?
Students who have served successfully in the internship program for three years may receive a scholarship their senior year. They do not have to fulfill any work requirements.

Can my daughter receive both a scholarship and work grant?
It is very rare that a student would receive both. Eligible seniors receive scholarships based on need and prior work history.

Do you give any athletic or academic scholarships?
We do not offer any athletic scholarships. After acceptances, we award a limited number of President’s scholarships to incoming freshmen with the strongest academic record as well as a few leadership scholarships. Tuition assistance is provided based on demonstrated financial need.

Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each school year?
No. All families receiving tuition assistance must submit a new application each year.

How do I apply for a Family Aid Catholic Education (FACE) grant?
The FACTS application serves as both your Carondelet and FACE application. FACTS will submit the application to FACE. FACE will notify you directly if you were awarded a grant – usually in May or June. Your FACTS application must be verified by March to be eligible to receive a FACE grant.

What is the total amount of tuition assistance available? What is the average aid awarded?
In 2019-20, the school distributed approximately $1,200,000 to 167 students, an average of $6,515 per family. Tuition assistance ranges from $1,000 to as much as half of the annual tuition. The school provides more than half of the annual tuition on a limited case-by-case basis.

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