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We invite you to participate in the Parent Fund and share the motivation for your involvement. Tuition covers approximately 90% of Carondelet’s annual operating budget. Your tax-deductible annual gift can offset the difference to ensure that the school continues to provide all essential elements of a Sisters of St. Joseph education—faculty development, tuition assistance, and excellent co-curricular programming.

Every gift makes an impact, and a donation that best suits your family is appreciated. Your support is an investment in our CSJ mission and vision and—most importantly—your daughter’s future.

Our goal for the 2023-24 academic year is 100% participation by our parent community. Our Parent Fund Appeal launches in August. This campaign continues throughout the year, including the student registration process in the spring.

“Kindly thank the donors of Carondelet personally for me. I will never have the chance to know who they are, and they will never know my name. Their generosity during this turbulent time is the reason my daughter will have the opportunity to attend next year. I have so much gratitude for each of them and every one of you at CHS who made it happen.”
-Parent of Carondelet ’20, ’23 students


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