Alumna of the Year

In recognition of its Catholic heritage, the Carondelet High School Alumna of the Year award is presented to an alumna whose values and accomplishments are consistent with the mission, core values and ideals of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the founders of Carondelet High School.

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The Carondelet Alumnae Association, in collaboration with the Carondelet High School administration, will consider an alumna whose personal, professional and/or social accomplishments reflect the core values of Carondelet while bringing honor and distinction to herself, her alma-mater and her community through her positive presence in the world. Attributes of life-long learning, artistic expression, advancement in the areas of sciences, technology and engineering, intellectual rigor, service to the “dear neighbor” and the encouragement of religious faith are held in high regard for this distinction. In keeping with our Catholic heritage and teaching, this consideration will be held in a context of ethical concern and social responsibility.

With a core mission of ensuring every Carondelet student becomes all of which woman is capable – a strong female leader who has conducted herself with a spirit of empathy and excellence in her demonstrated field of endeavor is an ideal candidate. The Alumna of the Year exemplifies a woman of heart, faith and courage who will serve as an inspiration for future generations.

Carondelet Mission:

Carondelet High School inspires excellence by preparing young women to live with heart, faith and courage in the Catholic tradition and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Core Values:

Inspire Joy and Gratitude - Live with appreciation, listen and assume the best in others. Make time for reflection, renewal and laughter.
Deliver Excellence - Bring your best every day. Think. Take risks, persevere, take responsibility and be accountable. Expand your potential and make a difference.
Embrace Possibility - Courageously seek innovative solutions in serving the dear neighbor. Anticipate the future, thirst for knowledge, learn something new every day, and cultivate creativity. Believe that all things are possible.
Model Humble Leadership - Honor diversity, value different perspectives, embrace unity and reconciliation, model and inspire integrity, and empower others to excel. Be humble, passionate and commit to growing spiritually.

Alumna of the Year Nomination Form

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Past Alumnae of the Year

2017: Angela Varian Schroeter ‘88
2016: Debrenia Madison-Smith ‘73
2015: Joan Baker McNamee ‘69
2014: Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79
2013: Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73
2012: Charlene Teuschel ‘79
2011: Cherie Hughes Soza ‘82
2010: Nancy O’Malley ‘71
2009: Carolyn Bartlett ‘82
2008: Liza Ravazza ‘72
2007: Kathleen T. Farley ‘72
2006: Beverly Spurs, DPM ‘75
2005: Nancy Kelley Libby ‘76
2004: Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72
2003: Joni Enea-Lopez ‘70

2017 Alumna of the Year
Angela Varian Schroeter '88

A clean water advocate in some of California’s most polluted communities, Angela (Varian) Schroeter ’88 has spent her career fighting for environmental justice and helping disadvantaged communities. This spring, Angela was honored with the 2017 Alumna of the Year award recognizing her as a woman of heart, faith and courage.

Nominated by her sister Skye Hayworth ’91, Angela works as a supervising engineering geologist with the State Water Resources Control Board. Among her accomplishments, she has successfully worked to expand requirements for irrigated agriculture to protect groundwater in the Central Coast area of California from further contamination. “We are so proud to see her living the Carondelet mission and making meaningful changes in our world,” said classmate Michelle Missaggia Daly ‘88.

When she returned to Carondelet to receive her award during the senior assembly, Angela addressed the school’s 800 students, saying: “I am excited to see so many young women, so capable and full of energy, ready to change the world. Our future is very literally in your hands.”

Congratulations, Angela!