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Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation - Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation represents a new era of secondary education for young women—one shaped by breakthrough integration and global capabilities.
  • The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
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CONCORD, CA, Nov. 14, 2019—As an anchor for its expanding campus, the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation reflects the spirit of innovation that defines the school of the future.

On Thursday, November 14 at 9:25 AM, Carondelet High School’s students and faculty celebrated the opening of the new facility with gratitude and excitement.

The center is the hub for Carondelet’s innovative STEM, entrepreneurship, and experiential programs—a place where young women become strong leaders capable of thriving in an ever-changing world. As a world-class innovation center, the open, flexible learning environment is an engaging space for students, educators, and professionals to collaborate effectively and design the future together.

Chris Walsh, Director of Innovation at the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation said, “Today, the only constant is change, so we need to help our students become lifelong learners capable of navigating ambiguity, synthesizing information from a wide variety of sources, and creatively solving complex problems. This is what the center was designed to facilitate.”

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The modern learning environment is the embodiment of Carondelet’s commitment to the next generation of women leaders who will thrive in the 21st century.

Encompassing a broad range of educational experiences—from hands-on STEM projects to entrepreneurial pitch competitions to a student media festival—the new center is a place where students learn to be effective team members and leaders through real-world experiences.

The first K-12 innovation center in the SF East Bay, the open, flexible learning environment serves as a creative space for students, educators, and professionals to collaborate and design the future together.

Key features of the new center include:

  • 18,000 sq. ft. of new flexible space that evolves to meet the changing needs of students and teachers
  • Eight modern learning studios with movable glass walls and whiteboard walls to allow for collaboration
  • A central Commons with casual gathering spaces like those found in top universities
  • An innovative 24’ by 14’ media wall and theater to showcase student work and host professional presentations
  • A student-run café for students and faculty to gather and relax
  • Roll-up, glass garage doors allowing students to access exterior patios and outdoor learning spaces
  • Exterior balconies and comfortable lounge areas for small groups to collaborate
  • Beautiful, new outdoor landscaped patios where students can gather
  • An energy efficient and environmental-friendly design

The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation is the latest step in a campus modernization plan, and it was put in motion through a generous gift from the Hofmann Family Foundation.

Carondelet High School is a Catholic, college-prep high school in the East Bay that offers young women a transformative educational experience. Since its founding in 1965, Carondelet has combined academic excellence and a recognition of the unique gifts of each of its students. The school’s focus is a woman-centered, comprehensive educational program designed to help young women build confidence and prepare for leadership and service in the 21st century.


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