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Senior Student Publishes Scientific Paper

Rachel K. ’24 published her sophomore paper in the Molecular Frontiers Journal.

As a sophomore, Rachel K. ’24 took Dr. Hutches’ Scientific Research class, a course that walks students through the scientific process and leads each student to develop their own individual research project.

Rachel applied a CSJ lens to her researchstriving to meet the needs of the time and embracing the Catholic value of caring for God’s creationby focusing on clean energy. Rachel was awarded 2nd place at the 2023 Contra Costa County Science & Engineering Fair, and recently her research was published. Her article “Spectacular Spirulina: How Yard Waste and Algae can be used to Make Clean Energy” is available in the Molecular Frontiers Journal (Vol. 07, No. Supp01, pp. 14-20 (2023); Emerging Scientists Supplementary Issue)

Read it here:


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