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Forensic Science


Are you wondering how science can be used in criminal investigations? Then forensics would be a great fourth-year elective science! In this fast-paced class, we will travel down the road of crime scene investigators, explore the forensic laboratory from top to bottom, and venture into the courtroom as we cover topics such as crime scene analysis, drugs, hairs, fibers, glass, fingerprints, DNA, handwriting, tool marks, forensic anthropology, and how evidence gets into court. You will also explore ethical dilemmas, weigh in on the admissibility of evidence, and take deep dives into cases to decide what went right, and what went wrong.


  • Science


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved






11th & 12th grades


Completion of Biology, Chemistry, and Geometry with a minimum of a C

More Than High School.

Her School.

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