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HSPT Prep Course Registration is Open!

Registration is open for our HSPT prep course on Saturday, December 4. All prospective Catholic High School students are welcome! Register here.

Anatomy and Physiology

The knee bone’s connected to the … do you know? Are you interested in how your body works? Thinking of going into a medical profession? This is the class for you. Anatomy and Physiology explores both the structures of the human body along with how those structures work. The curriculum will include the study of the following human body systems: skeletal, muscular, integumentary, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and urinary. Lectures will be supplemented with laboratory activities including dissections.


  • Science


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved






11th & 12th grades


Completion of Chemistry with a B- and Biology with a B-. Concurrent enrollment in Biology is possible during junior year based on chemistry prerequisite above.

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