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AP Physics - C: Mechanics

Admit it—you get math—you love science! Are you also adventurous? Are you willing to take the challenging path and then never give up? This is your chance to gain an understanding for how the physical world works while getting the best preparation for advanced math, science, and engineering in college. AP Physics C: Mechanics is the equivalent of the first semester of calculus-based college physics for science and engineering majors. Topics cover kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion; work, energy and power; systems of particles and linear momentum; circular motion and rotation; gravitation, and oscillation. Students spend a minimum of twenty percent of instructional time engaged in hands-on laboratory work comparable to a semester-long college physics laboratory. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement examination.


  • Science


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved




De La Salle


11th & 12th grades


Completion of AP Calculus AB with a grade of B, and AP Chemistry with grade of B or Chemistry with grade of B+

More Than High School.

Her School.

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