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Biology (H)

Biology Honors is a science course designed to introduce students to the basic fundamentals of biology-the study of life. Students will learn biological concepts, proper lab techniques and science procedures through a variety of inquiry labs, hands-on activities, reading, research, videos, group work, quizzes, tests and other instructional activities. The course is designed for students to engage with scientific phenomena and ask questions. They will do this to outline the essential information needed to understand the core ideas behind the phenomena. Instead of the teacher explaining the ideas at the start of the lesson, the students will be discovering the ideas through common scientific practice. The topics covered are listed below in the Scope and Sequence and follow the Life Science Disciplinary Core Ideas as outlined by the High School Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


  • Science


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved






11th & 12th grades


Completion of Chemistry with an A or Chemistry Honors with a B+ and current science teacher recommendation.

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