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AP Biology

The goal of this second-year Biology course is to provide students with a college level introductory biology experience. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to articulate the functions of cells and their relationship to the organizational patterns of biology. Students will be able to describe the energy of organisms at the cellular level and relate it to the micro and macroscopic reproduction of life. Students will also be able to evaluate various actions of humans in response to the environment and justify the evolution of structures to better serve a particular organism. This is a college level Biology class and will progress at an accelerated rate. Time management and organizational skills are a must for this course. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement examination in May and will also be well-prepared for the SAT Subject Area Test in Biology.


  • Science


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved






11th & 12th grades


Completion of Biology and Chemistry with an B+ or completion of Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry with an B- and current science teacher recommendation

More Than High School.

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