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HFCE Fourth Steps

This class is designed to help students continue to build learning and organizational skills. The course is designed to help students build a toolbox of strategies and habits of the mind to improve their learning effectiveness, attitudes, and motivation. The following are part of the curriculum: time management, concentration, note-taking skills, textbook study methods, test-taking strategies, and critical thinking skills. 


NOTE: This course is graded on an EP/PR scale. There are a few Carondelet courses that employ the use of the Proficient (PR) / Emerging Proficient (EP) grading system. Courses that use this system are designed to foster a growth mindset and allow students to explore new perspectives, skills, and concepts. Students who demonstrate proficiency in the subject will earn a PR (proficient) and students who are still developing proficiency within the course will earn an EP (emerging proficient.) For more information about how the PR/EP system works within a specific class’s scope, please refer to the course syllabus. A student receiving an EP in a course will have to take another course to demonstrate proficiency and meet graduation requirements.


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12th grade


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