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Two Dimensional Design

In Two Dimensional Design students explore the design thinking process, develop artistic expressive techniques/digital media practices, and create an artistic portfolio.

Participants in this course will develop a portfolio of 15-20 pieces that demonstrate design and artistic processes, and showcase work that visually documents individual expressive skills, experience, and creative practice. Specifically, the portfolio will include hands-on observational drawings, illustrations, Procreate animation, digital zines, comic books, prints, poster designs, paintings, and other visual materials.

This course takes a collaborative approach to artistic practices and helps students explore art from different perspectives and practice soft skills while solving creative problems with groups of peers. The class is designed to guide students through all main stages of the creative process and dedicates time to self-reflective writing practices and visual literacy which fuels creative confidence, self-awareness, and individual artistic vision.

Note: this course can be taken more than once and instruction will be modified to take into account student level.


  • Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science


UC & CSU Approved “F”






9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grades


A 5 unit introductory visual art class such as Fundamentals of Art (DLS) or Frosh Creation: Think, Make, Share (CHS) or department approval.

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