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Natalie Bly Announced Valedictorian of Class of 2024

Natalie Bly '24

We are excited to announce Natalie Bly as the Valedictorian for the Class of 2024. Natalie is recognized as an AP Scholar with Honors, CSF and NHS member, University of Pennsylvania Book Award winner, and a 4-year Varsity Tennis player, receiving the Cougar Award this year and Most Valuable Player the previous year.

“I am really excited to be able to represent the class of 2024 at graduation,” says Natalie. “Going through the process of becoming Valedictorian was nerve racking, but very rewarding. Each of the candidates were extremely supportive and happy for each other, which was very uplifting and encouraging.”

In addition to her academic accomplishments and athletic accolades, Natalie is the Chief Financial Officer of Carondelet Ventures, and oversees the management of their profits, which are invested in support of female-owned businesses in underdeveloped countries. Her goal as CFO is to help women thrive in the business world. “In the world of finance, females are often overlooked and underrepresented,” says Natalie. “By giving to other women, I can use my interests and education to help them succeed.”

Natalie plans on pursuing an education in Finance at Boston College. “I knew studying finance was what I wanted to do, not only because it interests me, but also because it is an opportunity to use my knowledge to encourage other women who are also interested in pursuing and succeeding in this field.”

“Carondelet has helped me realize the value of having strong women in leadership positions,” shares Natalie. “I have been given the confidence and abilities to use my interest in finance to support and encourage other females, just as Carondelet has done for me.”

Congratulations, Natalie! We are excited to see you embark on this new chapter.


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