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Stepping Up, Giving Back: Mariella C.’s ’24 Story of Service and Impact

Mariella C. ’24 is awarded for her dedication to her community, but she’s not done yet.

Mariella C. is not just a senior; she is an active participant in her community. Her involvement in various clubs at Carondelet, such as CSF, NHS, First-Gen Club, Volleyball Club, and the new Rare and Exceptional Disease Club at De La Salle, keeps her busy. However, what truly sets Mariella apart is her extensive involvement in service projects and charities.

Mariella’s passion for construction and desire to make a difference in the world led her to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. “I signed up to volunteer one day during a school break on my own. I always have to put trust in myself and God and remember why I decide to be a part of large projects like the one for Habitat for Humanity.” For Mariella, it wasn’t just a volunteer opportunity but a personal mission. Her belief in the importance of providing homes for those in need inspired her to make a tangible difference in the world of construction.

Mariella’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Every year, the Cesar E. Chavez Commemorative Celebration recognizes Cesar’s mission of respecting human dignity and providing social justice for all. This year’s celebration theme was Perseverance & Progress—Perseverancia y Progreso. At the celebration, Mariella was recognized as the 2024 Youth Hall of Fame Awardee for Volunteerism, a testament to her significant impact on her community through her service.

As a first-generation student, Mariella credits Carondelet with helping her become interested in volunteering. “Participating in Ven a Ver Fruits of Labor inspired me to get involved in serving my community. This experience gave me the drive to go out and make a difference.”

With a strong interest in engineering or architecture, Mariella is determined to pursue a path that not only fulfills her academic ambitions but also allows her to continue positively impacting the world.

Currently, Mariella is working with Girls Garage in the Advanced Design/Build cohort, designing and building a new chicken coop for the Growing Leaders program at Willard Middle School. She also plans on volunteering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Big Climb event again this year and continuing her relationship with Habitat for Humanity.

As Mariella’s graduation approaches, her future is filled with promise. Here at Carondelet she will receive the Jefferson Award for Continuous Service and she is the recipient of the Blackhawk Scholarship Fund. Her senior year has been busy, but she still wants to enjoy her time with family and friends. She plans on continuing to help in her community, strengthening her relationships, and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves while helping their dear neighbor. 

Mariella C. ’24 is a beacon of service and inspiration, illuminating how others can follow in her footsteps toward a brighter, more compassionate future.


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