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Olivia Sydney Brown ’22: Lighting Up the Stage, Embracing Dreams

Olivia Sydney Brown ’22 is now making waves at Chapman University, where her passion for acting has led her to remarkable opportunities, including a memorable appearance on The Voice, showcasing her talent and determination on a national stage.

While at Carondelet, Olivia Sydney Brown ’22 left her mark at Carondelet through her involvement and dedication to various activities like Company, Spiritual Life Council, and as a Rectora leader on the Kairos Retreat. But since graduating in 2022, Olivia has taken the world and her college by storm.

Now, at Chapman University, Olivia has continued to pursue her passion for the arts, specifically acting. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screen Acting at the College of Performing Arts and Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. In addition, she participates in department plays and musicals, Chapman Celebrates (a cabaret that raises money for the school), student films, and independent projects.

Olivia is also part of The Chaptones, an on-campus A Capella group competing in the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella (as seen in the film Pitch Perfect!). Recently, Olivia had the opportunity to perform with The Chaptones on the popular NBC singing competition television series The Voice .

“I was so excited to be on The Voice!! It was like living a dream when we got connected and when we got to step foot on the set at Universal Studios. It was such a cool experience getting to be on set and see parts of Universal Studios that are closed off to the rest of the world.” The Voiceoriginally asked The Chaptones’ president and her church choir to perform. But through chance, the church could not go, and they referred The Chaptones to The Voiceto take their place.

“When we got there, we were fitted into gospel choir robes and then we were moved to a larger room to rehearse the music with the other choirs with the music director for the show. After running the music, we moved to the set and were given places to stand while the coaches arrived and had their soundcheck (this was the coolest part–watching the coaches go through a mic check and so naturally sing with their beautiful famous voices).”

The journey from the invitation to the performance itself was nothing short of a dream. Olivia can be seen singing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” behind The Voicecoaches alongside her and other choirs. For Olivia, being included in this opportunity was a moment of validation.

“When I stepped foot onto the set, my eyes started to water! Being on sets like the one we were on gave me a glimpse of what my future looks like. It made me feel so emotional because it’s my dream to be on professional sets, being part of films, and the entertainment industry.” You can watch the performance here.



Reflecting on her journey, Olivia shares insight on her experiences. From the rigorous rehearsals for ICCA competitions to the unforgettable moments on set, her path has been filled with challenges and triumphs. Through it all, she attributes her collaboration, communication, and resilience to her Carondelet community. “At Carondelet, I learned how important it was to be self-sufficient while also trusting others… I implement this skill while on set, with The Chaptones, in class, and while living with roommates.”

Looking ahead, she shared her advice to aspiring student performers, encouraging them to trust their talents and be open to growth. “A learning mindset is the best mindset. When you get accepted into an acting program with other great acting students, believe that you were accepted for a reason.”

Though her time on The Voice has ended, Olivia still has much more to achieve. From auditioning for student films to continuing her journey with ICCA competitions and performances with The Chaptones, she continues in her pursuit of excellence.

With every step, Olivia has exemplified the spirit of determination and unwavering belief in oneself. From Carondelet to Chapman and beyond, her journey continues to inspire all who dream and believe in the power of their aspirations.


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