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Elizabeth Henderson-Conn ’83: Celebrating Women’s Strength and Legacy

Elizabeth Henderson-Conn ’83 has been helping deliver babies and care for mothers as an RN/BSN Charge Nurse at Kaiser Walnut Creek. She reflects on her path into women’s health and the power and strength that she’s gotten to bear witness to throughout her career. 

Elizabeth Henderson-Conn '83
Elizabeth Henderson-Conn ’83

“Watching women transform into mothers before my eyes is not only a privilege but also a testimony to the power of women. Women are strong, powerful, and amazing,” said Elizabeth Henderson-Conn ’83. She’s an RN/BSN Charge Nurse at Kaiser Walnut Creek, and for over 30 years Elizabeth has been helping deliver babies and care for mothers.

She’s been able to connect with fellow alumnae both as patients and colleagues! Being able to hum the alma matter, compare teachers and traditions, and reminisce despite differing grad years is always a delight.

Her path to women’s health and medicine wasn’t a straight one. Her initial career path was to become a firefighter, but after working as a local EMT for Regional Ambulance for a few years, her love for healthcare and nursing grew. “My Catholic education, particularly the guidance of Sister Elenor Eagan, helped me grow as an individual and continue my journey into healthcare.

At Carondelet, my teachers, Sr. Elenor Eagan, Sr. Paula, Honey O’Leary, and Ms. Clemente to name my most memorable, encouraged me to follow my dreams and not let gender dictate what I can accomplish,” she said. “The lessons I learned have been invaluable to me. I am proud to have a hand in shaping the future of other women and I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me during my Catholic education.”

She and her husband Gary and have been married for 32 year. They have three children and recently welcomed the arrival of our first grandson, Callum, into the world at Kaiser Walnut Creek. While her children did not go to Carondelet, Callum has an auntie, Kylie Dodge ’15, who did!


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