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My Carondelet Journey: Olive R. ’25

I always dreamed of attending Carondelet, but the cost was a concern for my family. I attended public school through 8th grade at Sequoia Elementary and learned about Carondelet when my sister attended Camp Carondelet during the summer. I have a passion for film and the public high schools in this area don’t offer much in this discipline. I also wanted to experience high school in a supportive community environment. Carondelet provided tuition assistance and scholarships and I am so grateful to attend.

This opportunity allowed me to take advantage of everything Carondelet has to offer. I would rather fail than regret missing out on anything. I participate in ASB (student leadership) and I am the Executive Producer of the Winton Film Festival. I help manage the Early, Early Show and appreciate having the media room equipment available to me and all of the students. I also manage the props for the DLS and Carondelet Company and have made many close friends through my school and extracurricular activities.

My teachers are supportive and give me the freedom to be creative. They check in to make sure I’m on track, but I have also learned so much about personal responsibility and time and resource management. I feel prepared to pursue my interests, continue my education, and enter the workforce and be a leader in my career. I’ve grown so much and learned life skills such as being on a team and working hard. When I started at Carondelet I feared I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but I am thriving.

I definitely feel the sisterhood. I feel connected to all the people in my grade. In classes I feel comfortable asking my peers for help and solving problems together. I just joined choir and I only knew one other person, but now I feel a bond with everyone in the group. I participated in a leadership retreat at Occidental and grew very close to ASB Council. We cried together and laughed together. We encouraged each other by sharing “much love.”

I am deeply grateful to all the donors who made my journey possible. I hope they know that their belief has opened so many doors for girls like me. Every level of support makes a meaningful difference, and my experience at Carondelet has expanded my idea of what I can accomplish. I understand how challenging it is to have a broader world view. Opportunities like receiving a Carondelet education have a huge impact—life-changing, really—on young people. I have access to more than I could have ever imagined because of the support of this community.

- Olive R. ’25


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