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The Celebration Continues: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month: Samantha R. ‘25 and her Hispanic heritage.

Samantha R. ’25 proudly identifies as a second-generation Latina here at Carondelet. Her family is from Jalisco Mexico, and she credits them as her motivation.

“Both my parents and grandparents motivate me to go higher in life and reach for the stars no matter what may set me back as a female and Latina. They inspire me to work hard every day, because of the sacrifices they made to get my family and me where we are today.”

Latinas Unidas is one of the ways Samantha is able to share and celebrate her identity. She first became involved with the club during her freshman year and has risen the ranks to the vice president.

“Latinas Unidas is a place to meet new people from the same background/culture and to feel welcome in a safe space with people who share the same background as you. My goal was to have a fun time, share our stories, and highlight the Hispanic heritage, culture, and traditions in the Carondelet community.”

But Latinas Unidas is not the only place you can find Samantha representing her heritage. She also dances Mexican Ballet Folklórico for the Ballet Folklórico Netzahualcoyotl team in Concord. “ Expressing my passion and cultural identity through Ballet Folklórico helps me to represent my culture and express love for my heritage in my community.”

The Latinas Unidas club’s goal is to connect individuals with shared backgrounds and cultures while creating a safe and welcoming space. When asked about advice for younger students exploring their Hispanic heritage at Carondelet, Samantha said, “Join, because it is a great way to meet new people that share the same heritage, interest, and culture as them and to not be afraid to reach out. I would also advise that it is important to express their cultural identity within Carondelet because they can contribute and teach the community about our own Hispanic traditions.”

Latinas Unidas offers many opportunities to meet new people, for anyone interested in joining, email the club moderator, Stephanie Gutierrez.


For those interested in joining Latinas Unidas, email the Club Moderator,  Stephanie Gutierrez.


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